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U13 Sevens Entry

Kent Schools’ U13 VIIs

Tuesday 12th March 2024
Eltham College

Entry fee: £25

In compliance with the new Rules of Play this will be in "waterfall" format, meaning that all teams should play the same number of games, but there can be a winner of the event. We will be doing our best to comply (!), within the restrictions of time, pitches and whether schools want to play "extra" games

Competition Format
  • We propose 3 parallel competitions (subject to sufficient entries): for established, developing and emerging schools, to avoid mismatches which do nothing for player development.
  • Squads of 12 with rolling subs.
  • Groups: Each team will play all others in their group, enabling a league result.
  • Following the groups stage all teams will play further games against teams of comparable strength.
  • Registration at 9.30 am with the competition completed by approx. 4 pm.
Closing date for entries 16th January, but see below
As we are operating a league format, entries will be restricted. The first 8 teams to apply, with their entry fee, will be accepted into each competition. Subsequent applications will be placed on a reserve/waiting list in order of receipt. 

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