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About Kent Schools' Rugby Football Union

What do we do?

As Kent continued to recover from the great flood of 1953, 1954 saw the establishment of Kent Schools' Rugby Football Union (KSRFU). We represent England Rugby Football Schools Union (ERFSU - branded "England Rugby Schools") in Kent and serve our member schools. We have responsibility for the running of a number of competitions

Can you help?

Kent Schools' RFU has a strong and active committee with above average representation at Divisional and National levels. For this to be maintained new committee members of all ages are required. If you feel you have something to offer schools’ rugby at district, county or national levels please contact David Turner (see Contact Us).

WE need YOUR help!

Some of the committee have served for over 45 years, and experienced the 1953 floods! If KSRFU is to continue its work it needs new blood.

It needs YOUR help!

The commitment can be as big or as small as suits you
That said -  We need a successfor for the Administrator - A fastidious person nearing retirement perhaps?

OK OK - So what's on offer?

We currently run quite a lot of competitions, from U13 to U18, XVs and VIIs

An increasing number of these are organised to enable established rugby schools to take part as well as schools that are developing rugby in the curriculum


We are a part of England Rugby Schools which in turn is a part of the Rugby Football Union (branded "England Rugby")

They provide a mass of resources and support, many of which are described on other pages of this website 

We have strong representation on ERFSU committees and influence policy and what is provided for you 

How do you have a say in what is offered and how it is offered?

You can join the committee or you can attend the AGM.
The AGM is held in May each year and schools are notified by publication on this website.

But you need to affiliate

Membership of Kent Schools brings membership of England Rugby Schools, with significant benefits including free personal injury insurance and access to international tickets, receipt of RFU's impressive monthly newsletter Touchline and various resources to support schools and individual teachers.

See the Affiliation section on our website for more details

Do you want help?

If you wish to know how Kent Schools' RFU can facilitate activities to develop rugby in your school or district do not hesitate to ask.