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Referee appointment protocols

Most schools affiliated to Kent Schools use Kent Referees Society but quite a lot use London Referees Society

This section of our website explains 
  • the way each society runs its appointment making system
  • the way they like fixtures to be confirmed and 
  • the way you should treat referees on the day so that they enjoy refereeing at the school and don't turn down the next appointment!

How to treat the referees

They enable the game to be played so help them know what is going on and make them welcome guests

Please ensure that as many of the following suggestions as possible are followed for individual matches

  • Communicate early with the referee: Confirm details of date, time of kick-off and pitch location
  • Give a named contact and this person’s mobile telephone number
  • Ask the referee to provide an emergency telephone contact number
  • Reserve a car parking space if possible
  • Arrange changing facilities, preferably lockable, with a separate shower
  • Give details of team colours (to avoid clash)
  • Arrange and offer post-match hospitality, eg tea, sandwiches, biscuits
  • Arrange for a post-match host to look after the referee and escort to the hospitality area
  • The host should escort the referee back to his/her car, or check that the referee has actually left and is not still in the changing rooms or elsewhere on the premises
  • If a fixture has to be cancelled or re-arranged, remember to inform the referee. Satisfying referee requirements of schools and clubs is not always easy so please do this as a priority so he/she can be appointed to another game
  • Ensure that match officials are treated with respect at all times by all players, staff, parents and other spectators. Implement the relevant RFU codes of conduct and act with courtesy at all times
Asking for referees to be appointed
  • Give the Referees’ Society early notification of fixtures before (August at the latest) and during the season

  • Sometimes early notification may not be possible (eg cup fixtures). In these circumstances contact the Referees’ Society BY EMAIL (see below) as soon as a fixture is known, with information about date, time, place, and contact details

  • At the end of the season send a letter of thanks to the Referees’ Society
Print this and pin it up in the office so colleagues are aware

KSRFUR has issued important advice

Please read this ADVICE - and print it for colleagues to note!

Click HERE  to download the form you MUST use to request Kent referees before the season

The Kent Society of Rugby Football Union Referees (KSRFUR) is committed to supporting the development of rugby in schools by providing match officials where required.  However, KSRFUR is experiencing a consistently heavy demand on its resources both during the week and at the weekend.  We would really appreciate your help over the coming season in following the procedure outlined on the attached spreadsheet to give yourself the best chance of having a KSRFUR official appointed to your game.

To make the referee feel even more welcome, in the week leading up to your game please contact the appointed referee to confirm the kick off time and venue.  It would also be much appreciated if you confirm any arrangements that may need to be made for changing and showering.  On the day of the game, keep an eye out for the referee to welcome him/her to your school and show them to their changing facility.  Alternatively appoint a responsible individual to fulfil that role on your behalf.

Please note that KSRFUR is not notified of any fixtures automatically, including county or national knockout competitions, and it is therefore your responsibility to make contact with the appointments team to organise a referee for you. While they will always try to find a referee the more notice that you are able to give the Society, the more chance they have of providing you with an official.
Should you have any queries regarding this process please contact the appointments team using the email address



The society invoices the school. Travelling expenses of referees are included in the flat rate fee.

For the Kent Referees website see Partners & Websites section

To request referees the first port of call is Jerry Freds at jerry.freds@londonrugby.com    
Jerry administers the society's South Eastern Region 

There is also a Hotline:for more urgent applications for a referee: 020 8650 1679


Schools apply to become members of the society. If accepted, they pay a membership fee for each team that it will try to cover.

On top of this, referees will claim their travelling expenses from the school on the day. Usually those expenses are £5 - £10 but up to a maximum of £30.

For the London Referees websites see Partners & Websites section