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England Rugby Schools

England Rugby Football Schools' Union (ERFSU)
carries the brand name
"England Rugby Schools"

                It was founded in 1950 and became a charity in 2002. It works
                seamlessly with the RFU Education Department from which it
                gets substantial professional support and its life-blood is vast
                numbers of volunteers, mostly school teachers. 

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It is a non-geographic Constituent Body (CB). There are a few other non-geographic CBs such as the Students RFU and the Army RFU but most CBs are geographic ones: Kent County Rugby Football Union is a geographic CB.  As it is a CB ERFSU has two representatives on the RFU Council as well as membership of some committees of RFU. 

ERFSU's objects (defined in the Memorandum of Association which constitutes its structure) are to administer, foster, encourage, extend and control Rugby Union Football for the moral, mental and physical development of school boys and girls attending schools within England (which includes the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man).

Kent Schools' RFU is a Constituent Schools' Union (CSU). It is a constituent member of ERFSU and has representation on the ERFSU Committee. Its members are eligible to be appointed to ERFSU posts and committees and over the years it has been actively involved in that way. 

ERFSU Website                                               

The website carries all the things you want / need to know! If it doesn't - tell us