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Discipline: Player ordered off - What you need to do

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The RFU Discipline Regulations have been changed and you should be aware that:

Any player who is Red Carded (at U14 and above) is now deemed to be guilty until proven innocent and cannot play until a Hearing has been held.

As before, the responsibility for dealing with the player, and arriving at a suitable sanction, is in the hands of the school. However we would ask you to carry out the following procedure if a player is sent off

The requirements are set out in Regulation 19 - but you can skip to Appendix 6!

Recent (August 2019) explanation - including the Half Game Rule


1. Before the Hearing seek advice on the sanction to be applied from

Andy Gent (KCRFU)
07581 285979

2. After the Hearing report the outcome to Andy Gent.

In the (hopefully unlikely) event that a member of staff/team coach is Red Carded whilst in charge of a school team, please contact Andy Gent as a matter of urgency.

Reminder: If a player is red carded whilst playing for a Club, any sanction he or she receives must also apply to participation in school matches, and vice versa.


For further information in managing incidents of ill-discipline by players, coaches or spectators involved in youth rugby, Kent Rugby has a dedicated page with helpful information.  Further information