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World Rugby Law Application Guideline - Contact To The Head

This applies at all levels of the game from 3rd January 2017 introducing minimum on-field sanctions for reckless and accidental contact with the head, effectively lowering the acceptable height of the tackle.
The new measures to limit contact with the head;
  • New law application guideline will codify zero-tolerance to contact with the head
  • Approach informed by largest-ever study identifying most common situations leading to head injuries
  • Players, coaches and match officials urged to be proactive in changing culture
  • Latest step in proactive, evidence-driven approach to injury reduction
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The approach, approved by the World Rugby Council after extensive expert, independent and union evaluation, combines with new disciplinary sanctions and a re-focus of match officials on dangerous play. It will provide a package of measures that aims to change culture in the sport to ensure that the head is a no-go area.
In addition, while striking or kicking an opponent is never acceptable, it is a more serious offence when it involves contact with the head or neck. Ball-carriers must be careful that they fend off tacklers legally and do not strike opponents.
The RFU provides comprehensive information and guidance for match officials on their role in the prevention and immediate management of concussion. All this and a short online training course is available in the match official area of the "Don't Be a Headcase" website, which can be reached by this website: Go the Rugby Safe tab and then the HEADCASE one.