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Playing Out of Age Grade

Playing out of age grade forms

The playing out of age grade consent form should be completed for youth players that are not involved with the England Academies and intend to either play up or play down an age group. The form is to be used in conjunction with RFU Regulation 15: Age Grade Rugby

Download Playing out of Age Grade Consent form 


An U15 player against an U17

Regulations do not permit this in this country but you may be faced with dealing with the situation while on Tour, because of different dates used to determine what "U17" is

Written Guidance and a Form is available and can be provided  by David Turner (Kent Schools Administrator) on ksrfu@dhwt.co.uk

Download U15 v U19 Guidance and Application form

Note: If you intend to tour to South Africa you should read the additional advice in the School Tours section


 General duty of care

Remember, you can not just say "they are in the same age group so it's ok". You must be satisfied that the experience and physical development of a player is suitable for the game he is playing in or the training he is doing.

Photograph: Big and bigger - These two man cubs are the SAME age!